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Dr. Bernard A Novabilski works with Family Physicians and several health services to provide treatment and referrals specific to a person’s needs and treatment plan.

Contact the office for information abut adding Dr. Novabilski as your House Podiatrist or Hospital affiliation list, for a house call appointment and home visits.

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House Calls

House calls are not a thing of the past!

Dr. Bernard Novabilski provides home visits for eligible patients in an acceptable mileage range. Dr. Novabilski provides house calls for invalid people, older individuals that is difficult for them to leave their homes, and individuals on HOSPICE CARE.

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House Podiatrist

Dr. Bernard Novabilski provides podiatric services and care at the following facilities:

  • Columbia Cottage Assisted Living and Retirement Living Facility – Trappe, PA
  • Frederick Living/Assisted Living – Frederick, PA
  • Greenfield Senior Living of Perkiomen Valley – Schwenskville, PA
  • Highgate Genesis at Paoli Pointe – Paoli, PA
  • Country Meadows – Wyomissing, PA
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Hospital Affiliations

Dr. Bernard Novabilski is on staff with the following hospitals:

  • Mercy Suburban General Hospital, Norristown, PA – Active status
  • Einstein Medical Center Montgomery – Associate Status/Consulting
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